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24-Hour Care

Often families come to us when they already know that their loved one needs more intensive care than they currently receive. However, sometimes it can be difficult to determine whether additional 24-hour care in-home or at a senior living community is the right fit for your circumstance. Our experienced staff can help you weigh the options for your loved one’s care and find a choice that fits your family. We will coordinate our compassionate caregivers to ensure your family member gets quality holistic care round-the-clock.

how can 24-hour care help?

  • Provide a level of care an individual or family member is not able to for a loved one 
  • A caregiver can spend more time with an individual if a family member is unable to
  • Provide in-home care or supplemental care to an individual in a facility 
  • Allows a team of caregivers to rotate care with the option of awake shifts

When Does 24-Hour Care Become Necessary?

Many adults find themselves trying to meet all of their aging parent’s needs but struggle to maintain the rest of their life at the same time. Sometimes a spouse cannot care for the needs of the other while also supporting them financially. A person may have a medical condition that requires more attention than their current caregivers can provide, whether family or otherwise. These are all times when seeking professional 24-hour in-home, senior, or supplemental care may be necessary. When family members are struggling to juggle responsibilities, finding compassionate, professional caregivers such as those at Touching Hearts at Home may be the next step.

Where Does Touching Hearts Provide 24-Hour Care?

While we do provide in-home care, we do not limit the care we provide to homes. We have great relationships with senior and assisted living communities throughout the Twin Cities metro, and we are happy to foster new ones wherever our clients may be. Wherever your family member is, we can work with you to determine if 24-hour care is right for them. Often this type of care can serve as a supplement alongside care at a memory care facility, this way your loved one receives one-on-one care throughout the day.

How Does 24-Hour Care Coverage Work?

With constant round-the-clock care being required, we find it’s best to have several caregivers on rotation. This allows each person to feel rested and alert on their shift, whether it’s during the day or in the wee hours of the night. Some families tend to worry about consistency with this type of arrangement, but we coordinate the same caregivers for you to ensure familiarity and continuity of care. As you may have experienced trying to manage your loved one’s care alone, we want to avoid burnout, stress, and exhaustion by planning rotating shifts of 12 hours for overnight and 4, 6, or 8 hours during the day.

we offer awake shifts

At Touching Hearts, we strive to provide the best care possible, which is why we offer the option of awake shifts for those who need to be provided with 24-hour care. This means that when our caregivers are with your loved ones for an overnight shift, they will stay awake and alert for those hours, while your loved one is asleep. Awake shifts allow our caregivers to accommodate any needs of your loved one that an asleep caregiver may not be able to. This also gives you peace of mind as you sleep that your loved one is in good hands.

What May Be Included in 24-Hour Care?

Depending on your parent or other loved one’s current living situation, 24-hour care can alleviate you from being the sole care provider, or it can be in addition to care provided by other professionals. This means it can cover a range of duties including personal care and companion care. A Touching Hearts caregiver may assist with daily living tasks such as eating, dressing, and bathing, as well as help with exercise, socializing, and keeping up with hobbies. For a loved one in a memory care facility, caregivers may use mind-stimulating activities and help manage unsafe behaviors such as wandering. Caregivers may also act as an advocate for your loved one, and a bridge between you and their physician.

Is 24-Hour Care Right For You?

Whether used in addition to other professional care or to relieve family members from juggling their own lives and the care of a loved one, 24-hour care can be a great asset. Especially if you find yourself struggling to keep up with your children and household while managing the care of an elderly parent or other family member, this type of care may be just the thing you need! It can be particularly helpful to keep your loved one at their own home or home with you, as opposed to moving to an assisted or other senior living community.

To begin discussing 24-hour or other types of care for your family member, contact Touching Hearts at Home today! We can arrange for a free assessment from one of our experienced nurses so that we can tailor a care plan to your needs. Start by giving us a call at 952-888-0321 where you’ll always reach a live person.

We look forward to serving you and your family with care from the heart.