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Placement Services

As a senior and in-home care agency, at Touching Hearts at Home, we know the value of great care and how stressful it can be to find the best fit for each unique situation which is why we offer Placement Services. We know that deciding on the living arrangement of an aging family member can be overwhelming. There are an endless amount of options for senior and assisted living, and it can be difficult to decipher which one is the right fit. Our placement service is meant to help navigate the choices, ultimately landing on what’s best for you and your loved one.

Who Is Our Placement Service For?

  • Individuals or families overwhelmed by managing care themselves
  • Individuals or families seeking to move a parent or grandparent to independent living
  • Individuals or families dealing with a loved one’s decline in mobility or mental faculties
  • Individuals placing their loved ones in hospice care
  • Anyone unsure of where to start looking for senior or assisted living communities

Adult children or other family members who are responsible for the care of a dependent or independent parent typically find our services helpful. There is a lot to take into consideration when planning your loved one’s care, and working with a connected and compassionate expert can help simplify the process. Especially helpful for families who can no longer care for a loved one on their own but aren’t sure where to start or if a move is necessary. This service is available to both existing clients and families who are unfamiliar with Touching Hearts at Home.

How Does Our Placement Service Work?

As a senior and in-home care agency, at Touching Hearts at Home, we know the importance of quality, compassionate care. When we begin working with your family to determine the next step for your loved one, we start by getting to know you. We will ask questions about specific health needs or concerns to help determine what level of care is needed for your loved one’s living arrangements. By discussing the needs with you, we can also determine whether or not your loved one can stay at home with you. Together we’ll weigh the options to find the right community or care arrangement for your loved one, your budget, and your family.

Why Choose Touching Hearts at Home for Placement Services?

Simply put, we don’t just provide care, we do care. We put our heart into our work, and our clients see the difference. This influences our assistance to you with our placement service because we want to serve you. That’s why we offer this completely free of charge. And because providing care is what we do, we are familiar with living facilities throughout the metro, and we have experience in planning care for families. You can be informed to make the best decision for your loved one, with an arrangement that suits your family and budget.

Placement Services and Hospice care

When a loved one is entering the end of life stage it may be challenging to make the most of the days, weeks, or months they have left. While your loved one is in hospice care, we are able to come in and make where they are living comfortable, calm, and well-managed. We are able to take care of the items that a hospice care center may not be able to provide like cooking, light chores, bathing and dressing, and so much more.

Uniquely Positioned by Our Community Connections

Influenced by our passions for serving others and building relationships with in-home and other senior care, we decided to offer this unique service. As we have worked with clients throughout the south metro and the greater the Twin Cities area, we have built relationships with many senior living, assisted living, and memory care communities. Some of these relationships have even developed into partnerships where we are welcomed to offer our services to specific communities. Our experience and connections in the Twin Cities have helped us to be able to offer insights to families seeking next steps for their loved ones.

At Touching Hearts at Home, we are more than happy to assist you in planning living arrangements for your family member. Let us help alleviate the stress of countless options by helping you narrow down what you need and where those needs will be met. For completely free, no-obligation placement assistance call us at 952-888-0321.