Partnership Opportunities - Touching Hearts at Home - Bloomington, MN

Partner With Us

The way we do business at Touching Hearts at Home is with the goal of building quality relationships. We also do the work that we do to serve others with our time in hopes of making their lives better. And as we work throughout the south metro of Minneapolis-St. Paul, we are building partnerships with the senior and assisted living communities in our area. We love getting to know these communities we serve and look forward to getting to know more families and individuals within them.

What Does Partnering With Touching Hearts at Home Look Like?

Because we are able to provide such a wide variety of services and types of care, there are many ways we can partner with your community. We have started with a simple partnership in some communities that we serve with transportation services. In senior and assisted living communities, we can come alongside their existing transportation service to provide individualized service. Often it doesn’t stop there. Once the staff at a living community get to know more about Touching Hearts, our partnership can grow to help meet other needs the residents of their community may have. We may become the preferred companion care, personal care, and 24-hour care provider for a community, serving whatever needs their residents may have.

What Types of Communities Does Touching Hearts Work With?

For starters, if there’s one takeaway about Touching Hearts at Home, it should be that we are flexible and willing to serve. We are happy to partner with a variety of communities such as senior independent living, assisted living, group homes, and specialized memory care facilities. We are always looking to grow our ties within communities and the south metro.

If the community you serve is looking for a trusted partner to recommend to residents for companion care, transportation, personal care, memory care, transitional post-operative care, or 24-hour care, we would be happy to discuss what needs we could meet. Get in touch with a staff person at Touching Hearts by calling 952-888-0321.