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Companion Care Service

Caring for an aging or ailing family member can require a lot of you – whether in time or energy. No one wants to feel like they don’t have enough resources for their loved one as well as to maintain their own life! Even if the needs are light and do not require clinical or medical skills, companion care may be a huge benefit to you and your family. Touching Hearts at Home senior care companions are compassionate and kind, desiring to serve others with their time.

How can companion care help?

  • Meet both practical and social needs of a loved one
  • Provide in-home care or supplemental care to an individual in a facility
  • Help with minimal care or up to 24-hour care

Why Companion Care?

Companion care can meet not only some practical needs but can benefit your parent or other family member socially. We know that meeting mental and emotional needs can be just as vital to an individual’s overall health as meeting their physical needs. It’s a part of our perspective and attitude towards those we care for – they aren’t just a patient, they are a person. They are your loved one! Often this is one of the greatest benefits of companion care, another person to person touchpoint throughout the day or week.

Who May Benefit From Companion Care?

While some seniors are independently living in senior apartments, others may live at home with their families, either of which can still require a lot of extra visits and care. When an adult child or other family member is struggling to meet the needs of a senior parent while maintaining their own care and lives such as jobs, children, and rest, companion care can be a great asset! Even if you aren’t to the point of stress, you can avoid burning out by calling on Touching Hearts to arrange for companion care. It’s especially helpful for only children, or an individual who is solely responsible for the care of a loved one. Whether mom or dad are at their own home, living with you, or in an independent or even assisted living community, our caregivers can help!

What Care Might Companion Care Include?

A companion caregiver from Touching Hearts can help with lighter duties that do not require a care license. Some care may be:

  • Laundry and Linens
  • Medication Reminders
  • Socializing and Hobbies
  • Exercise and Walks
  • Light Household Chores
  • Grocery Shopping and Meal Planning
  • Meal Preparation, and Cooking
  • Pet and Plant Care
  • Technology and Social Media Help
  • Other Errands

How Much Companion Care is Necessary?

We are happy to accommodate whatever amount of time you and your loved one see as fit, as little as one 3-hour shift per week. If more regular, even daily visits help meet our client’s needs, we are happy to oblige! Touching Hearts also offers 24/7 care, in which we arrange a team of rotating caregivers with the option of awake shifts throughout the rotation. Whatever your situation, we will work with you to create a plan and share in the care of your loved one.

Touching Hearts at Home is an in-home and senior care agency dedicated to serving the entire person with compassionate, integrative care that meets the individual’s needs. We love taking part in helping families transition to smoother care that serves everyone. And as the needs change or new ones arise, we can work with you to adapt the care plan.

To begin developing a plan to provide additional care for your loved one at home, contact our staff at Touching Hearts. You can call us at 952-888-0321 where you will always be answered by a real person.