Senior Transportation Services, In-Home Care Agency | Bloomington, MN



At Touching Hearts at Home, we believe in serving the whole person and striving to meet whatever needs we can for our clients, including transportation services. Think of us as the all-inclusive senior and in-home care agency! We don’t have many of the limitations that other agencies may have, in part because of our comprehensive license but also because of our willingness to help however we can. We’re here to help make lives easier and better.

At times, finding transportation for your senior loved one can be one extra logistical challenge – especially if you can’t be in two places at once! That’s where we come in. Not only that, but we can partner with senior and assisted living communities throughout the south metro of the Twin Cities to provide alternative transportation options for individuals.

How can transportation care help?

  • Provide rides to doctor appointments or everyday activities
  • Work alongside existing transportation at a living facility to provide additional transportation
  • Help busy individuals transport loved ones

Transportation Arrangements for Individuals

Wherever your loved one calls home, we can give them a lift! Whether you need someone you can trust to bring your mom or dad to a doctor appointment or to get their regular haircut, Touching Hearts at Home can help. Maybe a loved one who doesn’t live at home with you likes to attend weekly church services; you can arrange for us to help your family member get wherever they need to go. Compassionate and friendly Touching Hearts staff will meet your loved one wherever they call home and take them where they need to be. Give us a call to setup a one-time, weekly, or monthly ride – reach us at 952-888-0321.

Partnering with a Senior Living Community

While many senior living and assisted living communities provide transportation, often it is on a fixed schedule which may not fit with an individual’s plans. We can work alongside the existing transportation at a living facility to provide additional transportation as individuals may have a special need. Whether a trip to the grocery store or a doctor appointment, Touching Hearts at Home can provide the ride. Do you work at a senior community that needs additional transportation options for residents? Contact us to learn more by calling 952-888-0321!

We are happy to provide transportation assistance to your loved one because we are dedicated to serving others to enrich and better their lives. If that means offering a ride to the grocery store, the gym, or the movies, we are more than happy to help wherever we can!